Congratulations to the “Soho-Yiming“ trademark being recognized as “China Registered Trademark“ by the National Trademark Office

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Recently, the company obtained the trademark registration certificate of "苏豪逸明" issued by the Trademark Administration of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The trademark icons are arranged in a three-dimensional arrangement with the pinyin "SHYM" of the company name. The approved commodity category is the fifth category: APIs, Chemical pharmaceutical preparations, biochemical drugs, medical nutrition. This marks the successful registration of the "Soho-Yiming" brand after three years of declaration, and it means that the national trademark authority has fully affirmed the "Soho-Yiming" brand.
The "Soho-Yiming" trademark conveys Soho-Yiming's cultural precipitation, carries Soho-Yiming's business philosophy, represents Soho-Yiming's good corporate reputation, and also marks the company's brand building has entered a new stage. All Soho-Yiming people will take this opportunity to further enhance their brand awareness and continuously show the good image of the "Soho-Yiming" brand. "Soho-Yiming" will surely become a symbol of product quality and a guarantee of corporate reputation.