Representatives of the National People‘s Congress visited our company

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On the afternoon of May 22, 2009, a group of more than ten representatives from the Municipal and District People's Congress, accompanied by Putuo District Science and Technology Commission and other leaders, visited our company. General Manager Zhou Yiming and members of the company's management team warmly welcome the delegation.

The leaders of Putuo District Science and Technology Committee introduced the representatives of the National People’s Congress of the visiting group and the leaders of related departments. The general manager of the company Zhou Yiming briefly reported the development of the company in recent years to the representatives of the Municipal People’s Congress. He said that Shanghai Soho-Yiming Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. With the care and help of relevant leaders, the scale, efficiency, and tax payment of the company have doubled year by year, and it has maintained its leading position in the domestic peptide APIs industry.

After listening to the report, under the leadership of General Manager Zhou Yiming, the visiting group visited the company’s national GMP certified peptide APIs production line and introduced the company’s technological research and development results in recent years to the visiting group. It has applied for 16 domestic invention patents and 1 U.S. invention patent. Through the visit and understanding, the delegation of representatives of the National People's Congress has confidence in the development of the company and hope that the company will make persistent efforts and create greater glories.